The third book in the first Faerie Path trilogy is due out in paperback on January 27th 2009. Great news for all those who have been waiting to own or read the entire trilogy in paperback form.

But a word of warning! The publishers have changed the name of the book!! In hardback form the book is called The Sorcerer King - but in its paperback form it will be called The Seventh Daughter. Don’t be caught out, guys! These are two different titles for the same book!!!

I have only just found out about this, and I would hate for anyone who has already bought The Sorcerer King to see this new title and think it’s a different book, okay? I’ll just say it again so we’re all clear: The Sorcerer King and The Seventh Daughter are exactly the same book!

If you’ve read and enjoyed the whole trilogy, then the next book you’ll be interested in buying or reading will be book four: The Immortal Realm, which is due out Summer 2009. I’ll get you more information on this when I hear it.

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