I thought you’d like to know the publication dates for the four books of the Warrior Princess series.

Book one: Warrior Princess came out in February 2009 in hardback. I’m told the paperback edition will be out in February 2010.

Book two “Destiny’s Path” is due out “Fall” 2009 - which I think means some time this October. As above, this will be the hardback edition, and the paperback will follow twelve months later.

Book three. This is written, but I’m still working on a title. It’s due to be published Fall 2010 in hardback, with the paperback coming along the following year.

Book four: I only have a few ideas for where this book is going so far, but I have plenty of time to think it through. The book is due to be published in hardback “fall” (October) 2011 and in paperback the following year.

I’ll keep you updated on progress as I go along.