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By Allan | Monday, 25 July 2011 at 09:00
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For several months now I have been getting mail from readers of the Faerie Path series, asking me whether there will be a 7th book. I now have the final answer. I’m afraid there is no chance of another full Faerie Path book.

I don’t want you to think the publishers are at fault here - the people at Harper Collins have been really great! Let me walk you through this. When the idea of The Faerie Path first came, I thought it would only be one book - a single story that ended with the downfall of Gabriel Drake and the reconciliation of Tania and Edric. When the people at Harper Collins came on board, they asked if this could be stretched to a trilogy of books. A Fantasy Trilogy! My ambition for years and years - ever since I started writing - was to publish a fantasy trilogy - and now they were giving me the chance! I said yes! Of course I did.

At that time, I had no idea of what would happen in books 2 and 3. Actually, book 2 wasn’t such a problem - the Queen of Faerie was missing - book 2 could tell the story of Tania and Edric finding her and bringing her back. (I’m hoping everyone reading this will have read the first books, so no spoilers! If you haven’t read them, stop now, or plots are going to be given away!) ┬áThe plot of book 3 came about quite by accident. I wanted a scene where Tania would meet Princess Sancha in her library, reading a book. When I started writing the scene, I had no idea what Sancha would be reading - and I just wrote the first thing that popped into my head - a tale of an ancient war with the Sorcerer King of Lyonesse. I had no idea then who the Sorcerer King was, nor what had happened to him. It was just something for Sancha to be reading.

But as most of you will know, that little incident gave me the basis for the whole of the 3rd book. So, there I was, with a Fantasy Trilogy!

I thought that would be the end of the adventures of Princess Tania in Faerie, and Harper Collins asked what Frewin Jones could do next - which is how the Warrior Princess series got started. I was actually in a meeting with some editors, discussing the plot of Warrior Princess book 2, when the Office Manager strolled in. “Did you enjoy writing the Faerie Path books?” he asked. I told him I had enjoyed it very much. “Good, then,” he said. “How would you like to write three more?”

I jumped at the chance - and rushed off to come up with some thoughts for three more books. Again, the plot for this 2nd trilogy came from something that I had written near the end of book three, never thinking it would lead anywhere. It was the scene where Tania asks Titania about Faerie wings, and Titania mentions the lands of Alba and Erin and speaks of the Divine Harper. At the time, I had no idea what any of that meant! But now I had three more books, I decided it would be fun to find out, and I’m eternally grateful to the good people at Harper Collins for giving me the opportunity to do so. But things are very tough in the publishing world now - and getting tougher! A seventh Faerie Path book is not an option right now, and - as someone who makes their living from writing - I have moved on to other projects.

However, some of you have told me that the 2nd trilogy feels “unfinished” - as if there is more to tell. In a way, I can see why you would think so, although I am not going to talk about this in detail here, because there will be a lot of people reading this who have not necessarily read the Charmed Return, and I don’t want to spoil the end for them.

Here’s the thing. Although there will definitely not be a 7th book, I am considering writing an extended short story - or novella - which I would make available free online from this website to anyone who would like to read it. If it gets written, this short story would - hopefully - wrap up all the loose ends and answer most of the questions that readers have been asking me. Again, I’m not going to go into details - I don’t want potential readers to be put off by telling then what happens in The Charmed Return before they have had the chance to read it.

I am very busy now with other writing, so if I do write the ‘tying-up-loose-ends” story, it won’t be until next year now - although, of course, as it will be directly from me to you readers, as soon as it is written, I will make it available on this website.

so - there you have it, not the news many of your were hoping for, but maybe not entirely without hope! Let me know what you think - if I wrote the short story, would you want to read it?

If you want to write to me with ideas or specific thoughts about what you’d want to see in the potential short story, please do it via the Contact page and not as a comment here. Remember there are plenty of people out there who have not yet read The Charmed Return, and I won’t be posting any comments that give the story away!

The Faerie Path - a fan’s thoughts

By Allan | Sunday, 17 July 2011 at 15:36
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I received the following email from a Faerie Path series reader the other day, and I thought I would share it with the rest of you.

Hello, my name is Lily and I am currently in the process of writing Harper-Collins a letter suggesting a seventh book…I would love if I could get any input from fans or even you, but I see that the blog concerning the seventh book is closed…so any info you could give me to add into my letter would be great. I have put in it to if they want to look at the blog for the faerie path and read the comments because most of them crave for a seventh book. Please any comments you have regarding this topic I will gladly appreciate it!

I have already made my feelings on this clear - I’d be happy to write a 7th book if I was certain of it being published, although, that being said, I am really busy with other things right now. So, if any of you would like to comment on Lily’s idea, or suggest any other ways of making your wishes heard, please feel free to do so - but if you do decide to address any mails or comments to Harper Collins, please always be polite and bear in mind they’ve already done great by giving me the chance to write 6 books in the Series! My Great Ambition as a writer was to get a fantasy trilogy published - and Harper Collins let me write TWO Fantasy Trilogies - they’re good people!

Oh, while I’m here - I now have a twitter account - I’m working on getting a direct link from the Home Page - meanwhile you can follow me on twitter as: @A_Frewin_Jones. Bear in mind, it won’t all be about writing, though - I also tweet with my wife Claudia and my pals about all kinds of strange and obscure things!

Faerie Path 7 - The “no news” News

By Allan | Monday, 4 July 2011 at 08:27
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I am still getting regular mail from readers of The Faerie Path series asking for more books after The Charmed Return.

I’d be happy to write more books, but the cold truth at the moment is that the Publishers do not want any more books in this series. There are only two ways that I can think of to get them to change their minds.

The first and best would be for the sales of the existing books to go through the roof! I do what I can to publicise these books, but word of mouth by existing readers is a far more effective way of alerting people to the existence of the books - and of getting them to buy them! If you would like to see more Faerie Path books, and you have a Facebook account, or Twitter, or any other Social Network access, then spread the word. If you know people who run book-review websites, or even if you know of such websites from your browsing online, make contact and tell them about the series. If you have a local library, speak to the librarian and ask if they will buy the books for their shelves. If you have a school library, find out if they would be able to buy copies. If you have friends or family who you think might enjoy the books, tell them about them - maybe even buy a book as a gift?

The other potential way of getting the Publishers Harper Collins to change their mind is to make direct contact with them - they have a Facebook page HarperTeen where you can post comments - perhaps if you write a polite message to them telling them how much you are enjoying the Faerie Path series and would like to see more, that might make a difference - if enough of you do it. If you do decide you’d like to contact the publishers directly, please remember always to be polite to them and to keep your mails short and to the point.

If you have an online account with Amazon or a similar book-selling store, perhaps you could consider writing a review of the books for other people to read?

If you have any other ideas for publicising the series and spreading the word, please post a comment here.

Meanwhile, don’t forget you can chat with other readers of the series on the Fan Forum and in the Fan Club - links on the right hand side of my website Home page. Arya, who runs these sites, has also set up a big Summer Giveaway of books signed by me - so please do check this out if you have the time.

Of course, if I do hear anything from the Publishers - I’ll post it here immediately.

Meanwhile…the ball is in your court!