I am still getting regular mail from readers of The Faerie Path series asking for more books after The Charmed Return.

I’d be happy to write more books, but the cold truth at the moment is that the Publishers do not want any more books in this series. There are only two ways that I can think of to get them to change their minds.

The first and best would be for the sales of the existing books to go through the roof! I do what I can to publicise these books, but word of mouth by existing readers is a far more effective way of alerting people to the existence of the books - and of getting them to buy them! If you would like to see more Faerie Path books, and you have a Facebook account, or Twitter, or any other Social Network access, then spread the word. If you know people who run book-review websites, or even if you know of such websites from your browsing online, make contact and tell them about the series. If you have a local library, speak to the librarian and ask if they will buy the books for their shelves. If you have a school library, find out if they would be able to buy copies. If you have friends or family who you think might enjoy the books, tell them about them - maybe even buy a book as a gift?

The other potential way of getting the Publishers Harper Collins to change their mind is to make direct contact with them - they have a Facebook page HarperTeen where you can post comments - perhaps if you write a polite message to them telling them how much you are enjoying the Faerie Path series and would like to see more, that might make a difference - if enough of you do it. If you do decide you’d like to contact the publishers directly, please remember always to be polite to them and to keep your mails short and to the point.

If you have an online account with Amazon or a similar book-selling store, perhaps you could consider writing a review of the books for other people to read?

If you have any other ideas for publicising the series and spreading the word, please post a comment here.

Meanwhile, don’t forget you can chat with other readers of the series on the Fan Forum and in the Fan Club - links on the right hand side of my website Home page. Arya, who runs these sites, has also set up a big Summer Giveaway of books signed by me - so please do check this out if you have the time.

Of course, if I do hear anything from the Publishers - I’ll post it here immediately.

Meanwhile…the ball is in your court!