I received the following email from a Faerie Path series reader the other day, and I thought I would share it with the rest of you.

Hello, my name is Lily and I am currently in the process of writing Harper-Collins a letter suggesting a seventh book…I would love if I could get any input from fans or even you, but I see that the blog concerning the seventh book is closed…so any info you could give me to add into my letter would be great. I have put in it to if they want to look at the blog for the faerie path and read the comments because most of them crave for a seventh book. Please any comments you have regarding this topic I will gladly appreciate it!

I have already made my feelings on this clear - I’d be happy to write a 7th book if I was certain of it being published, although, that being said, I am really busy with other things right now. So, if any of you would like to comment on Lily’s idea, or suggest any other ways of making your wishes heard, please feel free to do so - but if you do decide to address any mails or comments to Harper Collins, please always be polite and bear in mind they’ve already done great by giving me the chance to write 6 books in the Series! My Great Ambition as a writer was to get a fantasy trilogy published - and Harper Collins let me write TWO Fantasy Trilogies - they’re good people!

Oh, while I’m here - I now have a twitter account - I’m working on getting a direct link from the Home Page - meanwhile you can follow me on twitter as: @A_Frewin_Jones. Bear in mind, it won’t all be about writing, though - I also tweet with my wife Claudia and my pals about all kinds of strange and obscure things!