A little while ago I received the following email from a reader of The Faerie Path series. Emma asks some questions about ‘what happens next’ - and I would be very interested to hear from you people about which questions you would like answered. Also, are there other questions not covered by Emma?

Here’s what Emma wrote to me:

I really want you to write an epilogue for the series. I just finished reading the books and I’m totally hooked. I was wondering what happens after The Charmed Return. I was hoping for information on the royal family and the Mortal world. I ┬ájust want to know the basic stuff; if Rathina ever got married, if Cordelia and Bryn have kids, if the King’s choice at the end was to die to renew the covenant, if the King died how did the Queen and her daughters cope, if Connor ever became a doctor, if Tania’s Mortal parents adopted other kids, if Tania visited her Mortal parents again, how did the Mortal world deal with Lear’s attack, do Edric and Tania have their own family, are the inhabitants of Faerie winged again after the covenant is renewed, how does Mallory fare when her new child is born? There are hundreds of questions I am still pondering, but I don’t wish to take up any more of your time. I am desperate for answers and I enjoy authors who say I must use my imagination, but

I am hoping you are an author who will tell me what I want to know. I realize you must get thousands of emails so I don’t expect a speedy reply, although one would be nice, but I do want to know if an epilogue is coming out. If you cannot think of questions to answer, I suggest posting a question on this site asking for other readers’ opinions. I hope to hear back from you. -Emma K

So? Thoughts, anyone?