Zak Archer is on the run.

He’s just an ordinary 14 year-old kid - with one extraordinary gift. Boy, can he run. He can outrun the wind. He calls it being ‘in the zone’ - that place in his head where the gears mesh and he goes into turbo-drive. No one can catch him. No one could come close. Which is a good thing right now - because the guys who are chasing him are bad to the bone and are ready to shish-kebab him if they can only get their hands on him

His parents were killed a few years back and he’s living in a Care Home now. He tried a few Foster parents, but none of them took. He’s kind of a loner. He’s had the occasional run in with the police - but nothing outrageous.

One of his pals at the home is an up-and-coming pickpocket and scam artist called Spizz. Now Spizz likes to cruise the arcades and dip his sticky fingers into other people’s purses and pockets. Except, Spizz chose the wrong mark this time. He’s grabbed something he really shouldn’t have. Men are after him. Bad men.

Zak follows. He sees the guys murder Spizz. But what happens next turns Zak’s world upside down and inside out as he becomes the next target and finds himself caught up in a secret world of spies and international terrorism.

Welcome to Project 17.

1. In The Zone

2. The Tyrant King

3. Burning Sky

4. Killchase

5. Adrenaline Rush

6. End Game