Dark Paths 1: The Wicker ManDark Paths #1

Written as Allan Frewin Jones
Published in 1998
by Macmillan Children’s Press

Roll up, roll up, for the human sacrifice!

It’s May Day, and every year in the village of Bodin Summerley a May Queen and Jack-in-the-Green are chosen to lead the festivities. OK, so maybe it is kind of spooky that the old traditions are based on pagan sacrifices - but hey! These days it’s just harmless fun, right?

But Regan, Frankie, Jack and Tom are wrong. Horribly, hideously wrong. For the ancient power of the old gods, buried deep for centuries, is gathering force again. And now it demands a new victim. This year, when the Wicker Man is burned in the need-fire, it will contain a human boy.