Corsets & Clockwork (2011)corsets-clockwork-4130b92

Compiled by Trisha Telep

Short Steam Punk Story: The Cannibal Fiend of Rotherhithe.

Our Side Of The Playground (1991)
Compiled by Tony Bradman
Poem: “I’ve Got A Valentine”

Teddy Bear Stories For Grown-ups (1993)
Compiled by Catherine Taylor
Short Horror Story: “Confessions of a Bad Bear”

Fantastic Space Stories (1994)
Collected by Tony Bradman
Short Sci-fi Story: “Karla”

Dear Mum, Don’t Panic! (Tales To Terrify Your Parents) (1995)
Edited by Tony Bradman
Short “Oops” Story: “Dear Mum, Please Don’t Panic!”

Short Stories: Our Side Of The PlaygroundShort Stories: Teddy Bear Stories For Grown-UpsShort Stories: Fantastic Space StoriesShort Stories: Dear Mum, Don't Panic!