The Six Crowns 3: Fire over Swallowhaven

The Six Crowns/Sundered Lands #3

Written by Allan Frewin Jones & Gary Chalk
Illustrated by Gary
Published in the UK on 3rd March 2011
Published in the USA on 10th April 2012

Trundle, Esmaralda and Jack are racing across the skies of Sundered Lands, in search of the nest of the wondrous Phoenix Bird.

There they will surely find the Crown of Fire, third of the six lost crowns of the ancient Badger Lords. Well, that’s the plan, but first of all they have to survive a terrible battle in the skies over the city of Swallowhaven with Captain Grizzletusk and his pirate fleet.

And if they do live to tell the tale - can they be sure in the end that the cunning old Phoenix will choose to help them?

The Six Crowns 3/Sundered Lands 3: Fire Over Swallowhaven