1. Destiny’s Path 1: Rhiannon of the Spring (June 2011 in UK) Warrior Princess 1: (2009 in USA)
  2. Destiny’s Path 2: Govannon of the Wood (September 2011 in UK) Warrior Princess 2: Destiny’s Path (2009 in USA)
  3. Destiny’s Path 3: Merion of the Stones (January 2012 UK) Warrior Princess 3: The Emerald Flame (2010 in USA)
  4. Destiny’s Path 4: Caradoc of the North Wind (April 2012 UK) Warrior Princess 4: The Bright Blade (Unpublished in USA)

This series is being published in America under the title “Warrior Princess” - and in Great Britain under the title “Destiny’s Path”.

In America it is shown as written by Frewin Jones for EOS/HarperCollins. In Great Britain it is shown as written by Allan Frewin Jones for Hodder Children’s Books.

The important thing to realise is that the first three books of this series are almost identical despite having different titles. The fourth book of the series will not be published in America, but will be available on import or via online bookstores. The fourth book in the Destiny’s Path series continues the stories from the first three books, and concludes for the moment Branwen’s adventures with The Shining Ones.

As you can see from the pictures - the covers are very similar for both series.


Warrior Princess 1: Warrior PrincessWarrior Princess 2: Destiny's Pathemerald-flame-cover3dp-1-rhiannon-small1dp-2-govannon-smalldp-3-merion-small