Destiny’s Path 4: Caradoc of the North Wind

Written as Allan Frewin Jones

Published in UK March 2012

by Hodder Children’s Books

Warrior Princess 4: The Bright Blade

Written as Frewin Jones

Unpublished in USA.





When Branwen and her allies are forced to form dangerous alliances with their enemies, her faith in the Shining Ones is put to the test.

Not everyone Branwen loves will survive her destiny’s path…

As many of you will know, this book was originally commissioned by Harper Collins New York, as the fourth book in the Warrior Princess series. It was written and handed to the editors in New York. They even gave it a title: The Bright Blade, and commissioned a cover. But then the world economy took a downturn and tough decisions had to be made. The Warrior Princess series was just one of many that suffered. I learned only a few days before the book was due to be published that Harper Collins had decided not to follow through with The Bright Blade.

I was saddened for my American readers, but there was a bright point on the horizon. A very bright point, as far as I was concerned. A British publisher loved the series and had decided to publish all four books in the UK. Step up Hodder Children’s Books. They weren’t so convinced about the series title, and they decided they wanted to change it to “Destiny’s Path”. I was fine with that. At least it meant that the fourth book would be published - and in these days of the Internet, I thought that pretty much any American reader who really wanted a copy, would be able to find one on-line.

So, if you’re someone who enjoyed reading Branwen’s adventures in Warrior Princess, you can find out what happened to her in the end by picking up a copy of Destiny’s Path 4: Caradoc of the North Wind.