Merion of the Stones

Merion of the Stones

Destiny’s Path 3: Merion of the Stones

Written as Allan Frewin Jones
Published in UK January 2012
By Hodder Children’s Books

Warrior Princess #3

Written as Frewin Jones
Published in USA 2010
by EOS/Harper Collins

Branwen has finally accepted that the Shining Ones have chosen her to save her country from the Saxon invaders, and her army has grown as she prepares to continue her quest.  But the next stage in her journey includes a seemingly impossible mission, and the path before her is filled with darkness and danger.  Branwen is pushed to the brink of disaster, and with each step she takes, she is being pulled further from the life she once knew - the life she still desperately misses.

Guided by the spirits, and with both her fearless friend Rhodri and the dashing, sometimes maddening Iwan by her side, Branwen must overcome terrifying odds if she is to succeed in her quest. But a true warrior princess will not back down - even when an old enemy returns.

“Do you not percieve the truth yet, Warrior Child? There have been no loose threads in the pattern of your life: all that has happened to you is but part of the great design. All that you bear has its own purpose, its own part to play.”

Brawnen gaped at her. “Have you been haunting my family’s steps from before I was born?” she exclaimed. “Has there been no moment of my life free of your wiles and your ruses and intrigues?”

Merion shook her head. “You do not listen, Warrior Child,” she rebuked her. “It is not we who chose you; it is not we who wove the tapestry of your fate. It is She!”

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