Readers who have enjoyed The Faerie Path trilogy - “The Faerie Path”, “The Lost Queen” and “The Sorcerer King” - will be pleased to know that I am writing a further three books about Princess Tania and the Immortal Realm of Faerie.

The books are planned to form a second trilogy - three linked stories which will take place in the Immortal Realm of Faerie and in The Mortal World. Most of the characters from the first three books will be reappearing, and the action will begin about three weeks after the end of The Sorcerer King.

Without giving too much away at this point, I can say that the Faerie Court has travelled west to the Earldom of Dinsel, where Princess Cordelia is to marry Bryn, the Unicorn-friend. Something truly terrible happens at the wedding ceremony - something that has not happened in Faerie for thousands of years and something which throws the whole Realm into turmoil.

To makes things worse, serious problems develop in the relationship between Tania and Edric as Tania is forced to face the reality of the word “forever” when used by an Immortal. In Faerie, forever truly means for ever!

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