Well, I have to admit I haven’t posted recently - I have been asked if it’s because I’m still upset about Siouxsie dying - but it isn’t really that. The truth is that I’ve been getting mail every day for the past couple of months - ever since The Charmed Return was published - asking, demanding and pleading for a 7th book in the Faerie Path series, and rather than explain the situation to each person individually, I thought it would be quicker for me to simply point people in the direction of the most recent blog.

So far, in the past two months, I have received nearly 70 mails asking about a possible 7th book and explaining that the writer will be upset, devastated, mortified and horrified if there isn’t another book. That is more than one mail a day, just asking for more adventures with Tania and the Gang! Now, this is really great and I’m thrilled that so many people are desperate for more in the series - but I do have to let you know that at the moment, the situation with the Publishers in New York has not changed. They are still of the opinion that the series finished with book 6 The Charmed Return. However, I am planning on meeting up with one of the big movers and shakers in the UK later this week - and I will certainly show him all the mails I have received (they are printed out already and they’re waiting in a big envelope - and every new mail I get will be added to the pile). I honestly do not know if this will make any difference, but I’m certain he will be impressed by the enthusiasm you people always show when you write to me.

On that subject, yesterday I received the following email:

I devour your books;especially The Faerie Path series! You have truly inspired me to become a writer. I always have one of your books on me… ask my friends! I have never in my life ever read such amazing series, that I wish it could go on forever! I will tell you, that e-mail is never checked, so if you wish to reach me post something on this site. My friends say i’m too wise for a 12 year old.. I always laugh at the thought. Please contact me ASAP! I’m praying with all my heart for the 7th book!!! - Alanna.

So - thank you for writing, Alanna - I will say that one of the most exciting things for any writer to be told is that they have inspired a young person to become a writer themselves. That is exactly what happened with me - I read a book when I was 10 - and it made me want to write stories. And now, only ninety-six years later (!!) here I am.

Also, I got a mail from Katie the same day:

Hello! Im katie and I just have to say i loooove your books! you should make like a thousand more! cant wait to read the 6th book (:

I tried replying, but got a “failure” notice back as the mail couldn’t be delivered. So, please everyone, if you would like me to respond (which, by the way I always try to do!) please make sure you give me the correct email address.

Other stuff? Well, the first of The Six Crowns series is due in the stores on 1st April, which is great - and I have already had a mail from a movie producer in Los Angeles saying the series looks like it would make a great animated movie, which was pretty exciting. But I have to bear in mind, of course, that the odds of an initial enquiry turning into a movie being made are really really low - less than 50 to 1, I’m told. Still - people are noticing the books already, which is very good news.

I’m also in talks with various publishers concerning other projects - but I really can’t talk about them yet - it’s not a great idea to talk about new ideas before they are finalised, but I promise I’ll let you know as soon as anything new happens.