Faerie Path Fan Forum

By Allan | Tuesday, 31 May 2011 at 08:18
Category: Writing

I have just received this mail from a reader: I thought I should pass it on:

Hi everyone, I just wanted to remind the Allan Frewin Jones fans about the Faerie room fan forum. I am online all the time and no one seems to comment on any of the posts anymore. So if you have an account then you should leave some more comments. If you don’t then it is a great way to have wonderful conversations about Faerie Path, Warrior Princess, or any thing you want. The link is in the right hand corner of the Home Page, thanks!

Thanks for the reminder Madelyn. And remember people, if I do write more Faerie Path stuff, I’m very likely going to be asking you all where you’d like the story to go next - so the Forum would be the perfect place for you all to come up with ideas.

Various Pieces of News

By Allan | Monday, 23 May 2011 at 11:03
Category: Writing

The news on any possible continuation of the Faerie Path books hasn’t changed yet. I have a meeting lined up for some time in June or July with a colleague who is involved in the UK end of the publication process - after that meeting I should know for sure what is going on with the New York publishers and what my options are for letting you people have some more stuff about Tania and Co.

Meanwhile, I received a mail from a reader who suggested that people might like it if I started writing on Facebook more regularly. My friend Gary Chalk (illustrator and co-writer of The Six Crowns series) is busy tweeting - and I’m thinking of giving daily updates of what’s going on in my world on Facebook. So - here’s a question for you: how many of you are on Facebook, and how many of you would be interested becoming friends with me on Facebook and would follow regular (daily) posts by me on my Facebook page? (I’m on Facebook now as Allan Frewin - if you’d like to take a look).

Speaking of Gary Chalk - he has a brand new online gallery - I’d really like it if you would take a few minutes out to take a look - there are some really great pictures on the site and you can contact Gary directly if you’d like to - he’d love to hear from you! Go to: www.garychalkillustration.com.

Other News. It’s very early days, but Gary and I have put our heads together and come up with a brand new faerie romance idea that we’re thinking of writing together. I know how much you people love Tania and her world(s) - but I think this new idea of ours could be just as good! Out of interest, how many of you would be interested in this new series if it was initially only available as a download for Kindle, iPad etc?

Thanks also for all your great ideas for competitions to win copies of The Enchanted Quest. I’m still sorting through them, but I will definitely have a competition up and running in a few weeks.

Competition Closed!

By Allan | Friday, 6 May 2011 at 10:27
Category: Writing

This is to let you know that all six copies of The Charmed Return - signed by me - have now been won! I was expecting to keep the competition up for longer than this, but obviously many of you check out my website on a regular basis - so thanks for that! Everyone who is a winner has been told, so if you have won a book, you will know about it - if not, better luck next time!

Anyway - as I said, there are now no more Charmed Returns for prizes - BUT - I have just been told there are 6 hardback copies of The Enchanted Quest on their way to me. Maybe I should set up another competition - what do you think? With signed Enchanted Quests as a prize?

But let’s shake it up a little - I’d like you to suggest the kind of competition I should set up - what should people have to do to win? The person who comes up first with the competition idea I like best will get one of the signed books.

So - over to you!