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Great news! I told you late last year that I had recorded a Podcast for the Publishers Harper Collins. Well, the podcast is now online for you to listen to.

Basically, I talk for 30 minutes about my writing in general, the Faerie Path in particular, and then I read the whole of Chapter Five of The Charmed Return.

I hope this keeps you interested until the book is published towards the end of January.

I have downloaded the Podcast onto the Interviews section of this website - you can find it by going to the HOME page and checking out the sidebar on the right. Click Interviews, and there you are.

Alternatively, you can listen to it directly here:

And it’s also posted for fans to find on the publisher’s FAERIE PATH #6 book page here (you just have to scroll down a bit to the “Author Extras”):

Oh, by the way, bear in mind that when I talk about the steam punk short story in Corsets and Clockwork coming out “next year” that actually now means THIS year.

The Charmed Return - Chapter One

By Allan | Sunday, 19 December 2010 at 14:21
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This is going to be a very quick post - I’ve been a bit ill, and I’ve been in bed for a couple of days! But I got up especially to post the first chapter of The Charmed Return online for you. At the moment, you can read it by going to the BOOKS page and then looking down the sidebar on the right till you get to The Charmed Return - and you’ll find a link to the page there.
Tomorrow, I hope to be able to post a second chapter and to make a more easy link from the Charmed Return page.
More soon, I promise.


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Well, the live chat on the internet radio show seemed to go very well. A number of you contacted me afterwards saying you missed it or couldn’t manage to get to hear it, and could I do anything about it. Well - it turns out, yes I can. Or rather, my very clever computer-savvy pal Jules could!

In fact, if you go back to the HOME page here, then take a look to the right, you’ll notice a small side-bar titled HOME. The third link down is called INTERVIEWS. Click on that and it will take you to a page on my site where you can listen to the entire hour long show - as often as you like!

Something else is also coming up that I think you might find interesting. I’ve been asked by Harper Collins (the publisher of The Faerie Path series) to do a “podcast” - basically a talk about myself and my books that you will be able to listen to online whenever you like. I don’t have the exact details of how you will be able to access this yet, but I’m due to do the talking on Friday, so you should be able to listen to it next week. More info as and when.

So, as they say - watch this space - because not only will the podcast include a talk by me about my writing and my plans - it will also include the very first sneak-peek of The Charmed Return - a whole chapter read by me!


By Allan | Saturday, 30 October 2010 at 09:02
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Well, I’ve been mentioning this for a while now, so I think it’s time to give you all the relevant details:

The Show: “A Book And A Chat with Allan Frewin Jones.”

The Location:

The Date: Saturday November 27th 2010.

The Time: 11am Eastern Standard Time (Please check to fit with your own time zone!)

The live interview will last for one hour.

You can listen, or you can dial in on: 347 237 5398 if you want to say hello to me or ask a question.

September And Everything After

By Allan | Wednesday, 1 September 2010 at 08:19
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I do like September.

Here in my part of the UK, the sunlight becomes golden and it slants across the sky, throwing long shadows. And early in the morning, the grass is wet and cool and the sky is bright, and those great big fluffy white clouds go sailing past like galleons under full sail. It always reminds me of holidays when I was a kid. We’d go every year to a place on the coast called Camber Sands, and we’d stay in a wooden three-roomed chalet. There was a very long garden, with a wooden gate at the back. And if you went through the gate you’d have sand underfoot and it would only be a short walk up and over the dunes to get to the beach. And when the tide was out, the beach was 400 yards deep - and golden sand all the way. Oh, and the chalet where we stayed was called Veraglad - anyone recognise the name???

Arya, who set up the Fan Forum and Fan Club site, is running a poetry competition. You’ll find out all about it if you go to . There are prizes - a signed book of mine, for one, so do check it out if you’d like to try your luck at being a poet, even if you don’t know it. Sorry, I didn’t mean to write in rhyme, but I find it happens all the time. There you go again, you see - I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’ll start another paragraph, before you all begin to laugh, because my face is blue and orange..there! That’s stopped it - nothing rhymes with orange!

Quite a few of you have been asking whether The Charmed Return will be the final book in the Faerie Path series. Well, at the moment, it does look like it will be. I do have more ideas for Tania and Co but the publishers right now think 6 books is enough. If you’d like to see a 7th, 8th or 9th book, then probably the best way to make it happen is not to ask me - but to go directly to the publishers and demand more Faerie Path books! I think that if enough of you make contact with Harper Collins, you might make a difference…who knows? It might be worth a try.

and now I come to the riddles that I posed as a teaser for The Charmed Return. Well, as I said right at the start, I’m not about to give the whole plot away - but there have been a lot of really smart guesses - I’m very impressed. Liz and Victoria in particular have got a lot of things right, but a few wrong - you’ll just have to decide for yourselves which is which. The only other clue I could give you now…hmmm…let me think. Well, the first 7 people in the Power of Seven were the Princesses - but the second bunch of 7 people in the new Power of Seven are not Tania’s sisters - they’re closer to her than that. As for the rest - well, sorry, but I think you may have to be patient with that!

Warrior Princess book 3 is out in a few weeks - October 26th to be precise. I’m planning on posting some sneak-peek stuff here very soon, so keep your eyes out for that.

And finally? Well, I have mentioned this before, but I’m going to be on an American-based radio show in November - and its a show where people can call in to ask questions or just say hi! In a few weeks, I’ll give you the details of how to listen to this show and how to call them and speak with me. I hope some of you will want to do that.

I think that’s about all the news for now. Happy September!

The Charmed Return - riddles and conundrums

By Allan | Monday, 16 August 2010 at 11:56
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FP6 HC JKT des2.inddHere at last is a sneak-peek look at the cover of the 6th Faerie Path book: The Charmed Return, hot off the presses, as people used to say.

For anyone not yet in the know, the book is due out towards the end of January 2011. At the end of 2010, I am planning on posting some sneak peeks of the book online, so watch out for them in Nov/Dec.

Meanwhile, I have been asked if I’d be prepared to post some riddles based on the storylines in The Charmed Return.

here are the rules of the following riddles:

There are no rules except for the ones that I make up as I go along. If you work out the whole plot from these riddles and ask me if you have got it right I may say “yes” or I may say “no” or I may say “no comment”. I may give further hints, or suggestions based on questions you ask, but I may not tell the truth, or I may tell the truth, or I may say “no comment”. (I’m not about to give the whole plot away for everyone just because some of you are really really good at this kind of thing.) The riddles are all based on true things in the book - none of the riddles are untrue.

Okay: here goes.

1,2 & 4 are trapped in amber.

3 is no more, alas, but why do birds flock around the Dolorous Tower?

5 arrives, but can 5 really be alive?

6 and a boy appear when they jump through a hoop - but which of 2 boys and how are they here?

7 is half lost, but the Green Girl will help 7 to reunite.

The formula for the return:

TFP (221+4=T)=TLQ (135+11=A)=(181+24=G)=(248+7=F)

The answer is: 4 of 7.

5 of 7 is 50% TA+50%AP. In other words, 1 of 7 and 5 of seven are the same power twice over.

6 of 7 and 7 of 7 are hidden in TCR.

Together these 7 will make a new Power of Seven.

The Solution:

When Brother cries Uncle all evil is done - so why are the horses still galloping from the North, and who is the new Captain of Weir?

And if all is well, what does this mean:

That’s it.

For those who enjoy this kind of thing, happy puzzling.

The Charmed Return

By Allan | Monday, 9 August 2010 at 08:45
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I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me when the 6th Faerie Path Book will be in the stores.

The most recent was from Sheridan Fox (Hello Sheridan!). I tried mailing back, but got a “failed” notice - which made me think it was probably time to post about the publication date of The Charmed Return.

So - here goes: The Charmed Return is due to hit the stores on the 25th January 2011.

At some point later this year I will be posting sneak-peeks online here to whet your appetites - so watch this space!

Meanwhile, I know a lot of you are real fans of the Warrior Princess series - so I’d just like to remind you that the 3rd book in the series is due out in October this year - and that I will be posting sneak-peeks in early September, I hope.

I’m on holiday right now, and I only dropped by my computer for a few moments, so that’s about it for now. Oh, except to say I’m really pleased by how many of you people are visiting the Forum site and engaging in conversations about all things Faerie and Warrior Princess.

bye for now - hope everyone is having a great Summer.

Camden Market Photos

By Allan | Monday, 12 July 2010 at 09:45
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A few more pictures for you to look at.

The first one is of the Hampton Court maze.hamptoncourtmazewelcomesvisitorsduringlwxb5ltkxlol

These other two are of Camden Market, which you will remember from The Lost Queen.gb24img_7577

This one shows the “Stable Block” - at the far end is the little cafe where Tania and Jade have a rest, and where Edric turns up unexpectedly.

The other one is the main street - the Magic Shop is on a corner, just behind the photographer.

Hampton Court - The Royal Gardens

By Allan | Saturday, 10 July 2010 at 08:01
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Here are some more Hampton Court photographs. This time, outside the Palace itself, in the grounds.

This is the Mortal World equivalent of the stretch of the River Thames (Tamesis) where Drake brought “Anita” when she first met King Oberon on his Royal Barge. The Royal Barge of Faerie is more impressive than the little boat you can see here, but it’s in the same place.

dscf00342This is part of the Royal Gardens, facing North. Just out of sight to the right is the Brown Tower - the Faerie equivalent of Anita Palmer’s London bedroom.

dscf00354 This is another view of the Royal Gardens, this time facing South towards the Royal Apartments.


More Gardens with a gatehouse in the background.

I was asked if I had any pictures of the maze,

but unfortunately the maze just looks like a giant hedge from ground-level - and I didn’t manage to take a picture from above.

If I get time, I’ll post some more photos in a day or two.

Hampton Court - Royal Palace of Faerie

By Allan | Friday, 9 July 2010 at 08:09
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dscf00091While I was swapping computers I discovered a bunch of photographs I took when I went to visit Hampton Court Palace just before writing the first Faerie Path book. I thought you might be interested in seeing some of them.

This is one of the main entrances into the Tudor part of the palace - I think you’d probably get to the Great Hall of Faerie if you went through those gates.


This next one is an internal gatehouse - it may well lead to Eden’s tower, if I remember correctly.


Remember the scene in the Immortal Realm where Tania goes to find Edric and he tells her he’s going to Weir to speak with Lord Aldritch? Well, this is pretty much the modern equivalent of where it happened. Imagine a stone bridge.

I’ll post a few more tomorrow.