I know a lot of you were disappointed when the fan-site crashed a while back, so for all of you who had made friends there - and hopefully a few more who have come aboard more recently - here’s some really great news!

Arya, who runs the seaofpages book review site, has been working away in secret and has put together a brand new Fan Forum where you will be able to chat among yourselves about all things Faerie Path and Warrior Princess.

Now I really hope you’ll all take a look at this - it looks really cool, I think! - and I hope lots of you will  join the forum and have plenty of conversations about all the things that interest you in these two series. The topics are for you people to pick:  from whether Tania should end up with Edric, to who you’d like to see in any potential movie, to which character you’d like to be, to how to drum up more sales to ensure there is a 7th Faerie Path book and a 5th Warrior Princess book, or whatever else interests you.

Basically, the FORUM belongs to all you people - I hope you like it!

I will drop in now and then to check out what you’re all talking about - and I hope some of you still want to write to me here. But let’s make this a scucess -and let’s all give Arya a great big thank you for her hard work.

And Arya’s not finished yet - she has other plans on the go - but I’ll let you in on them closer to the time.

So, please check out the Fan Forum on:


and let me know what you think!