I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me when the 6th Faerie Path Book will be in the stores.

The most recent was from Sheridan Fox (Hello Sheridan!). I tried mailing back, but got a “failed” notice - which made me think it was probably time to post about the publication date of The Charmed Return.

So - here goes: The Charmed Return is due to hit the stores on the 25th January 2011.

At some point later this year I will be posting sneak-peeks online here to whet your appetites - so watch this space!

Meanwhile, I know a lot of you are real fans of the Warrior Princess series - so I’d just like to remind you that the 3rd book in the series is due out in October this year - and that I will be posting sneak-peeks in early September, I hope.

I’m on holiday right now, and I only dropped by my computer for a few moments, so that’s about it for now. Oh, except to say I’m really pleased by how many of you people are visiting the Forum site and engaging in conversations about all things Faerie and Warrior Princess.

bye for now - hope everyone is having a great Summer.