This is to let you know that all six copies of The Charmed Return - signed by me - have now been won! I was expecting to keep the competition up for longer than this, but obviously many of you check out my website on a regular basis - so thanks for that! Everyone who is a winner has been told, so if you have won a book, you will know about it - if not, better luck next time!

Anyway - as I said, there are now no more Charmed Returns for prizes - BUT - I have just been told there are 6 hardback copies of The Enchanted Quest on their way to me. Maybe I should set up another competition - what do you think? With signed Enchanted Quests as a prize?

But let’s shake it up a little - I’d like you to suggest the kind of competition I should set up - what should people have to do to win? The person who comes up first with the competition idea I like best will get one of the signed books.

So - over to you!