sorry for not posting anything recently - but I’ve been busy on various projects and time flew away with me.

One of my projects - nothing to do with my writing - is I’m currently listening to audio versions of all 7 Harry Potter books. I know I’ve arrived rather late to the party with this, but I thought I’d wait till the hullabaloo died down. What I really like about the books so far is that they ignore all the editorial rules I have been told about over the past 20 years. Rowling just did what she wanted to do, and everyone loved it.

Anyway, we’re fresh back from a glorious holiday in Greece - I just have to set a book on a Greek Island. For any of you people with Facebook access, I’ve posted a few pictures up - under the name Allan Frewin. If people are interested, let me know, and I’ll post some on this site, too. The weather was fabulous in Greece so at least Claudia and I got two wonderful weeks of Summer this year, which is more than everyone who stayed in London, England did! Rain, rain rain. Grey, grey, grey. Yuck!

A while ago I promised some giveaways in competitions. Here they are at last. First come, first served, no reply by date - but in both cases, I have 5 signed copies of books to give away, and they will be sent out in the order in which I get correct responses.


5 signed Hardback Copies of THE CHARMED RETURN as prizes.

All you need to do to win is to tell me the last 6 words spoken by Tania/Anita at the very end of The Enchanted Quest.

Please do not give your answer as a comment on this blog - I’ll ignore it. You should go to the Contact page and write me from there.


5 signed paperback copies of the UK edition of Destiny’s Path: Govannon of the Spring (Published previously in America as Warrior Princess: Destiny’s Path).

Please remember that this is the British edition of the 2nd Warrior Princess book - with a different title and a slightly different cover and a few small editorial corrections.

All you need to do to win is to tell me the name of the Owl Girl who becomes Branwen’s companion in this book.

As with the other competition, please don’t respond as a comment on this blog - go to the Contact page and write me from there with your answer. First come first served!

I hope you all had a good summer - and don’t forget, for Warrior Princess readers, the 4th Warrior Princess book that was not published in America will be released in the UK and Canada in April 2012 - I’ll be giving some away as prizes next spring, so if you want to know how Branwen’s adventures continue - watch this space.