I have some very interesting news on the Faerie Path series.

This just in from the publishers Harper Collins New York - they are planning on releasing an audio version of the series.

Cover of Book 6 of Faerie Path Audio Versions.

Cover of Book 6 of Faerie Path Audio Versions.

I have only limited information so far, so bear with me while I wait for the Publishers to give me more!

Here’s the audio version of the cover of The Charmed Return. As you will see, the audio has been performed by Khristine Vhan. Khristine is a well-known audio artist, who has worked in TV, Radio and Audio Books, and who is based in New York. She sounds like a good choice. (Bear in mind I haven’t actually hard these audio versions yet - I was only told they exist a few hours ago).

I don’t as yet have any dates for release of these versions, nor do I know anything apart from what I have just told you, but I’m hoping to be able to tell you more soon.

As someone who really likes audio versions of books, I’m very pleased about this. I love the idea of sitting audio versions of The Faerie Path books alongside my audio versions of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and other favourite books.

As I said, as soon as I know more, I’ll post about it right here.