This is just a quick blog to let you know that the Destiny’s Path: Caradoc of the North Wind competition is now closed. The winners have all been notified - or they should have been. If you sent in an entry before the 14th of April, and you haven’t heard from me, please write again, otherwise, I’m sorry, but all my spare copies have now been won.

American readers of Warrior Princess - which is what the Destiny’s Path series was called in America - should be able to buy copies of the 4th book on import, or it is also available on as a kindle edition, for those who are up on the new tech.

There was some confusion in the book warehouse about my address - which is why I have not yet received my copies of the book. They were trying to deliver to a house four doors down the same road, but because they didn’t get an answer they sent the books back. This has all been sorted out now and I am expecting the books on Monday 16th or Tuesday 17th April. As soon as they arrive, I will begin signing and mailing them out to the winners, but please remember that the books are coming from London, England, so if you live in America or anyplace other than the UK, you should expect to have to wait two or three weeks for the book to arrive.

I’d just like to say thanks to all of you who sent in the answers - if I’d known you were all so knowledgeable on the series, I might have made the questions a little harder!