Since my last post, I have been re-reading the Faerie Path books. I still have my fingers firmly crossed that I’ll find the time to write the wrap-up short story that I’ve mentioned before - the short tale that will (with any luck) tie up all the loose ends left dangling at the end of The Charmed Return.

Believe it or not, I haven’t looked at the six Faerie books since they were published - which means I haven’t cracked the first book for some years now. I have to say, I’m rather enjoying the process of reading them without having to worry about what to change and what could be done better etc. All too late for that now - so I’m just getting into the stories again.

My new American Literary Agent has arranged for me to get my own page on the online Encyclopaedia “Wikipedia” - so if you go to their site and type Allan Frewin Jones, you’ll see me up there. There’s no picture of me yet - the rules mean the photo has to be taken by a ‘third party’ - meaning I can’t use a photo I’ve had taken - so we’re still looking for something that fits the Wikipedia rules.

Apart from that, nothing new to report yet. We’ve had the first good summer for 6 years over here in England - but Autumn is creeping towards us now and I’m really looking forward to a Winter in our new home - with central heating.

By the way, just to explain again the Faerie Path situation for all of you who would like a 7th book. The problem is that I do not hold the copyright of these books. This means I cannot write another book without the permission of the copyright holders. The copyright holders will not authorise another book unless they have already got a publisher interested. Right now, no publisher is interested in a 7th book. There’s nothing more I can do about this - but I can post a ‘freebie’ story about Tania and the others online on my website - so long as I can find the time from making a living to actually write it.