Well, I’ve just started writing book six of the Faerie Path series, so the rest of my Summer is pretty much mapped out now.

Meanwhile, I see plenty of you are getting involved in the discussion about whether Tania should end up with Edric or Connor. A few people have suggested that maybe Connor could get together with Rathina. What do you think about that one? A Faerie Princess and a human boy? Is that a good idea or not? And what about the fact that “Love Never Dies” in Faerie? What do you think that really means? And lastly - does Rathina deserve to be happy after all the things she did? Is she bad or was she just under a bad spell cast over her by Gabriel Drake when she let the Sorcerer King loose?

Over to you.

Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to get Tania out of the terrible mess she got herself into at the end of Book Five! Sorry - you’ll have to wait a few months to find out about that.

bye for the moment

Allan Frewin Jones