I’ve had quite a few comments and messages from people who have read The Immortal Realm and who are really cut up about the problems Tania and Edric are going through - and begging me to let them know what will happen between them.

Of course, I’m not about to give a chunk of the plot of the next two books away, but I’ve tried to reassure these worried readers that Tania does meet Edric again in The Enchanted Quest…but that he’s dabbling even more in the Dark Arts. In fact, there’s this one scene where…nah! I’m not going to tell you that!

Anyway, my point here is that till now everyone has been hoping things will work out for Tania and Edric - but does everyone wish that?

I had one comment along the lines of: Hey, Tania - dump Edric - Connor rocks! So - anyone got an opinion about that?

By the way, I already know what happens - but you’re going to have to wait to find out. Sorry. Meanwhile - who are you rooting forĀ - Edric or Connor?

Over to you!