Okay, I think we’re probably talked the whole Rathina/Edric/Tania/Connor thing pretty much into the ground now. So I was wondering if any of you might like to talk about something a bit different?

Let’s say Tania survives all her recent problems and decides to live at least part of her life in Faerie (I’m NOT saying this is what happens, I’m just making stuff up here…).

If you were Tania, where in Faerie would you like to live? The Royal Palace? Veraglad? One of the Caers - like where Hopie lives? Or somewhere else? Crystalhenge? Weir?

And if you had the time to explore the Immortal Realm of Faerie, which place or places would you most like to see? Leiderdale, perhaps? Or would you go way up north to visit Clorimel again? Or maybe you can think of a -place that hasn’t even been mentioned in the books yet? Some totally new magical place in Faerie? What’s it called? Where is it on the map? What would you do there?

And finally - who would you take on your travels? One of your sisters? Several of your sisters? All of them? Someone else? How would you choose and why?