Well, here’s something weird! Jade keeps turning up in The Faerie Path books - but do I ever actually say what she looks like? If not, does anyone have a mental image of Jade? I’m partly asking because a couple of you were thinking of an actor for Jade in the potential movie - so, what does she look like, do you think?

This is especially strange, because I have files of lots of details of people, places and things in Faerie and beyond - you know, a full description of Earl Valentine, a full description of The Royal Palace and a full description of the Amber Prisons and how they work - but for some strange reason my entry for Jade is blank. I think the Dark Arts have been at work here!

Oh, and I do rather like the idea of the same actor playing Mr Palmer and Oberon - in heavy disguise, of course. The only problem I see with this is that I always imagined Anita’s parents being late thirties or early forties - but I had Oberon down as a little older…what do you think? (Yes, I know Faerie folk live forever - but at what age do you imagine them stopping - or at least slowing right down - getting older-looking?)