Hello there. This morning I received an email from Harper Collins the Publishers, with the final cover art and wording for The Enchanted Quest.

I’ve added the wording on the cover to the page now¬† - to give you a glimpse of what is to come. I’ll also be posting sneak-peek chapters in a while - one in October, I think - and one in December, to lead up to publication in February 2010.

And before anyone asks - no, I’m not going to tell you if everything works out fine for Tania and Edric, nor am I going to tell you whether Rathina gets together with Connor, or whether Aldritch chokes to death on a sardine sandwich, as I’m sure several of you would like!

Oh, and by the way - I’ve added a few more pictures to the Gallery in Marisa’s Fan Club site - and I’ll be adding more later.

And in case any of you think I’m slacking, I can tell you I’m over half way through The Faerie Path book 6 - and I’m quite pleased with it so far!