FP6 HC JKT des2.inddHere at last is a sneak-peek look at the cover of the 6th Faerie Path book: The Charmed Return, hot off the presses, as people used to say.

For anyone not yet in the know, the book is due out towards the end of January 2011. At the end of 2010, I am planning on posting some sneak peeks of the book online, so watch out for them in Nov/Dec.

Meanwhile, I have been asked if I’d be prepared to post some riddles based on the storylines in The Charmed Return.

here are the rules of the following riddles:

There are no rules except for the ones that I make up as I go along. If you work out the whole plot from these riddles and ask me if you have got it right I may say “yes” or I may say “no” or I may say “no comment”. I may give further hints, or suggestions based on questions you ask, but I may not tell the truth, or I may tell the truth, or I may say “no comment”. (I’m not about to give the whole plot away for everyone just because some of you are really really good at this kind of thing.) The riddles are all based on true things in the book - none of the riddles are untrue.

Okay: here goes.

1,2 & 4 are trapped in amber.

3 is no more, alas, but why do birds flock around the Dolorous Tower?

5 arrives, but can 5 really be alive?

6 and a boy appear when they jump through a hoop - but which of 2 boys and how are they here?

7 is half lost, but the Green Girl will help 7 to reunite.

The formula for the return:

TFP (221+4=T)=TLQ (135+11=A)=(181+24=G)=(248+7=F)

The answer is: 4 of 7.

5 of 7 is 50% TA+50%AP. In other words, 1 of 7 and 5 of seven are the same power twice over.

6 of 7 and 7 of 7 are hidden in TCR.

Together these 7 will make a new Power of Seven.

The Solution:

When Brother cries Uncle all evil is done - so why are the horses still galloping from the North, and who is the new Captain of Weir?

And if all is well, what does this mean: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World%27s_End_(Camden)

That’s it.

For those who enjoy this kind of thing, happy puzzling.