Ten year old Stacy Allen lives in Four Corners, Indiana with her mother and father, her sweet little baby brother Sam, her beloved cat Benjamin and her incredibly irritating older sister Amanda. With her best friends, bubbly Cindy, bookworm Pippa and the flaky Fern in tow, Stacy finds herself caught up in endless hilarious battles with her thirteen year old “dumb blonde” sister and her appalling pals.

  1. The Great Sister War
  2. Pippa’s Problem Page
  3. My Sister, My Slave
  4. My Real Best Friend
  5. Stacy, The Matchmaker
  6. The New Guy
  7. Copycat
  8. Party Time!
  9. Sneaking Out
  10. Scary Sleepover
  11. Sister Switch
  12. Fern Flips
  13. Full House
  14. You Look Great!
  15. Bad Boy
  16. The New Stacy

Written as A F Jones

Stacy And Friends 1: The Great Sister WarStacy And Friends 2: Pippa's Problem PageStacy And Friends 3: My Sister, My SlaveStacy And Friends 4: My Real Best FriendStacy And Friends 5: Stacy, The MatchmakerStacy And Friends 6: The New GuyStacy And Friends 7: CopycatStacy And Friends 8: Party Time!Stacy And Friends 9: Sneaking OutStacy And Friends 10: Scary SleepoverStacy And Friends 11: Sister SwitchStacy And Friends 12: Fern FlipsStacy And Friends 13: Full HouseStacy And Friends 14: You Look Great!Stacy And Friends 15: Bad BoyStacy And Friends 16: The New Stacy