Trundle Boldoak

Trundle Boldoak

Six are they, the Badgers’ Crowns
If power ye seek, they must be found
Crystal, iron and flaming fire
Gather them, if ye desire
Ice, and wood and carven stone
The power they give
Is yours

The legends say that once, long, long ago, there was a single round world, like a ball floating in space, and that it was ruled over by six wise badgers. The legends also tell of a tremendous explosion, an explosion so huge that it shattered the round world into a thousand fragments, a vast archipelago of islands adrift in the sky. As time passed, the survivors of the explosion thrived and prospered and gave their scattered island homes a name - and that name was the Sundered Lands.

That’s what the legends say.

But who believes in legends nowadays?

Published in America by Greenwillow.

  1. Trundle’s Quest (Published in Uk and USA)
  2. Fair Wind To Widdershins (UK publication 18th November 2010 - USA publication date 11th October 2011)
  3. Fire Over Swallowhaven (UK publication 3rd March 2011 - USA publication date 10th April 2012)
  4. The Ice Gate Of Spyre (UK publication 7th July 2011 - USA publication date 23rd October 2012)
  5. Sargasso Skies (UK publication 3rd November 2011 - USA publication date 2nd July 2013)
  6. Full Circle (UK publication 1st March 2012 - USA publication date 12th November 2013)